Expensive erotic massage

For connoisseurs of luxury and subtle carnal pleasures, we have prepared an expensive erotic massage, available only to the powerful of this world. Luxury apartments, professional masseuses of the highest class, the most incredible programs and techniques of erotic massage are at your service! You can take one girl or two, and if you want, you will get a real erotic show, which turn into reality the most bold dreams. Our girls are sensual, sexy and always listen to the client’s wishes, because a session of expensive erotic massage competently and with understanding can be hold only by real professionals!

Erotic massage in Moscow: prices

Spend an hour in the hands of a professional masseuse and you will feel incredible relaxedness, cheerfulness and a surge of vitality. And if additionally to the hands she uses all of her young beautiful body, you will experience incredible bliss, spiced with acute delight. Do you want to rest and relax with a spark, and without any sexy? In our salon you will find the best erotic massage in Moscow, the prices are more than affordable, and professional masseuses are extremely seductive. Let the popular erotic massage become a part of your life, because it is so easy to be healthy and uninhibited.

Erotic massage in four hands

Are you remembering with delight how gentle hands of the beautiful masseuse tenderly slide on your body, and wish to repeat by all means? It’s right decision! Two hands are good, but what about four! There is no limit to the perfection of our masseuses, that’s why we offer to experience an incredibly spicy pleasure – erotic massage in four hands, and it's not just hands, but professional tools of fabulous pleasure! Our girls are big inventors and brave experimenters. You will get the most risky and seductive erotic massage in four hands, which you will never forget.

Erotic massage: mistress

Spicy flavors, silk pillows, flickering candles in the twilight and you think it's a dream, because the reality can not be so frankly beautiful! Descend from heaven to earth: you are in the best massage salon, this is the most incredible erotic massage, experienced, domineering and a little vicious mistress is waiting for you! The most frank and juicy fantasies won't torment you at night anymore because you will tell about them to our masseuses, and girls with pleasure will realize them! Hurry up to our salon of erotic massage, the mistress becomes a tiger, when she is kept waiting!

How much does erotic massage cost

Why is erotic massage so popular? It's simple: this is useful and pleasant procedure, available to every man, woman or couple. After having tried the touch of our masseuses’ delicate fingers only once, you will want to feel the vivid sensual emotions again and again. Even the skeptics leave us, slightly swaying from the incredibly nice devastation. And of course, everyone cares how much erotic massage costs, but be sure, it is quite inexpensive and is definitely worth it!